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We have sound files available for some of our instruments.

So, whenever you see the icon to the right, click it to hear notes from the instrument.

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All files were played
and recorded by our intern, Lewis Keller.

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Our Instruments

Clockwise from left: Pentatonic Soprano Metallophone - post consumer plastic lumber; Kalimba - post consumer plastic lumber; Pentatonic Soprano Marimba - pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine; Painted Alligator Drum

Instruments with a pentatonic scale (C, D, E, G, A) work well for players with less musical experience; it’s a good scale for improvisation. The limitation is that not all songs or melodies can be played because of the limited number of pitches.  As an example, “Amazing Grace” can be played on a pentatonic instrument, but “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” cannot.

The tone of the aluminum bars on metallophones is sustained longer than the sound of wood tone bars on marimbas and amadindas. With this in mind, metallophones are the better choice for lower range instruments as they provide the longer tones of harmonic accompaniment.

Pre-school considerations

Our new preschool music station (shown on the right and below) features four popular instruments in one unit: a pentatonic soprano metallophone built back to back with a pentatonic soprano marimba (playing one octave higher), a rain wheel at one end and a set of two tongue drums at the other giving several young musicians a chance to play together.

We make a pre-school version of each of our keyboard instruments (tone bars centered at approximately 30” instead of the standard 36”).  The Soprano Metallophone with a pentatonic scale is a popular choice. Animal drums are also a favorite encouraging both imaginative and musical play.  Rain wheels require gross motor movement of the upper body when they are played; we can also use alternative materials for the “rattle” noise so that each rain wheel will have its own distinct sound if more than one rain wheel is planned.

Instruments may be personalized with a custom panel featuring an appropriate quotation or by a music panel showing color coded musical notation of traditional children’s songs.

Preschool music station marimba (left) and metallophone



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